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We have a simple solution to all your engineering and custom fabrication needs. Let me introduce you to Quality Machining & Metalworks Inc.  We are a full service machine shop with many capabilities of producing items from prototype and small quantity jobs to large scale production machining in any type of metal. With the use of CNC equipment, coupled with the knowledge and experience of our staff, we are able to guarantee the highest standards in quality, delivery and competitive pricing.

Quality Machining & Metalworks Inc. is one of Ontario’s premier design and steel fabrication facilities. Here at Quality, we offer many servicers including custom designs and professional fabrication services to create all types of products engineered for your specific needs. Quality`s fabrication sector has over 25 years of experience in steel products made for a wide range of industries. Our facility is well equipped to coordinate with large and complex projects.

We understand every business is unique with their own needs and consider the flexibility and certainty of our facility to be one of our most valuable assets. Our staff is very adaptable and innovative, seeking new ways to improve fabrication procedures which help our functionality as well as our cost effectiveness. Our staff is also extremely able at accepting various challenges that are encountered during the engineering and fabrication processes enabling Quality to create and improve superior design and processes. 

  • Custom Machining
  • Store Fixtures
  • Industrial Apparatuses
  • Automotive Parts

Quality Machining & Metalworks Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and has a totally integrated quality & safety system in place to ensure the smooth flow of products through our plant. Our company has extensive experience in the custom manufacture of steel products and has successfully been doing business since 1987. Some of our major areas lay within the store fixture industry, with our Laser, Bending, Welding & Polishing divisions; we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality products that are unique to each franchise. We are also integrated with the automobile industry, and create a variety of low tolerance parts for various vehicles and machines using our milling and turning centers. Our engineering expertise has allowed us to create a division of Quality Machining & Metalworks Inc. which is Quality Gauge & Valve, where we also manufacture liquid level gauges and valves under our own brand name. These items comply with ASME codes, and have registered inter-provincial CRN numbers, which are approved for the petro-chemical and power industries, and are sold world wide through our distribution network.

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