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Quality Gauge & Valve proudly serve gas and refinery industries

Quality Gauge & Valve proudly serve gas and refinery industries

High to Low Level Pressure Gauges

Professionalism Second to None.

On Site Survey

Quality Gauge & Valve is able to work in many areas with complex facility congestion and some of the most remote regions of North America. Our field personnel are experienced, self-motivated and competently able to deliver decision making capabilities to your plant. After reviewing your requirements and doing an analysis of your site, we can suggest the appropriate turnaround time to bring all parts that need to be recalibrated or restored back into working condition.

Our technical and engineering staff have extensive knowledge in the feild, both in manufacturing stages and in refinery installation procedures. We are able to travel vast distances to review and evaluate your system and products to ensure you are operating at maxium efficies with the least amount of down times. We  are available all year round for any in house turn around jobs, or plant closures to allow all equipment to be reviewed, recalibrated and certified. 



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