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Quality Gauge & Valve proudly serve gas and refinery industries

Quality Gauge & Valve proudly serve gas and refinery industries

High to Low Level Pressure Gauges

Professionalism Second to None.

Quality Liquid Level Gauges

Quality Direct-Reading Level Gauges are the simplest, most reliable way to determine the level of liquid in a tank or vessel. This allows the user to have a direct view of their process without compromising the integrity of your process system. These direct reading gauges are placed at different locations or points to indicate the liquid height. More often, separately mounted gauge glasses are used to provide a continuous indication of level over a certain vertical distance on the vessel.



The Quality Transparent Gauge Glass style consists of a central transparent chamber with two cover plates on each side, which in turn holds the two plain glasses creating a clear vision directly through the chamber. Quality chamber and cover plates are machined with recesses that keep all the parts tightly aligned and prevent the gaskets and glass from shifting.



The Quality Reflex Gauge Glass is best suited for clean, colorless, non-viscous, and non-corrosive fluids including light and heavy hydrocarbons. The gauge glass used in reflex style has special physical and optical properties that create a sharp line of separation at the liquid level. The glass has a prismatic side which helps create this shape line for liquid level, and when reading the gauge the dark area represents the liquid contrasted by a light area above the liquid.


Direct-Reading Liquid-Level Gauges
Exclusive, patented features for maximum safety and zero maintenance

Quality Gauge & Valve Liquid Level Series

There are a variety of Quality liquid level gauges, each designed to perform under certain pressure / temperature ratings. There are four classes of liquid level gauges manufactured by Quality Gauge and Valve


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Level Gauges

Magnetic Gauges


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