Series Q66 & Q67


These valves have a dropped forged body with a cast iron hand wheel. Longevity is assured a stainless seat, stainless steel stem and stainless steel ball check. All carbon steel parts are coated with a rust inhibitor. The Quality Q60 series Gauge Cock design allows features such as stainless stem and ball checks. This valve series allows for a high degree of customization to meet every customers detailed demands.

Q66 valve: offset pattern with female NPT gauge connection

Q67 valve: offset pattern with union gauge connection

Pressure rating 4000 lbs. @ 100F, 1500 lbs. @ 750F

Common features for series Q66 and Q67

  1. Safety shut off: the valves are equipped with stainless steel ball check to shut of flow automatically in case of glass breakage.
  2. Offset pattern: these valves are designed so that the gauge and the drain connections are offset by 7/8” from the centre line of the vessel connection. Due to offset pattern the gauge could be cleaned by removing the drain plug or valve without disassembling the gauge.
  3. Quick Close feature. The q66 and 167 valve may be converted , in the field, from plain to quick closing, by replacement of sleeve and stem, quick closing valve stems have quadruple thread for full closing or opening in 1/4 turn.

Extra feature for Q67 compared to Q66

The q67 valve has a union gauge connection which allots a top or bottom gauge to be turned to any desired angle for the most suitable visibility. It also allows for removal of the gauge without removing the valves. This feature saves time when the gauge must be cleaned.

Standard connections for Q66 and Q67

  • Vessel ¾” NPT male
  • Drain ½” NPT Female
  • Gauge  ½” NPT Female

Optional connections


  • ½” male or female
  • ¾” Male of Female
  • Socket Weld, Flanged or Solid Shank


  • ¾” Female for Q66
  • ½” or ¾” male or female on union for Q67
  • ¼” or 3*4” female on Q67

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