Series Q140


These valves are manufactured for a different variety of services such as standard trim, sour gas trim, NACE trim and low temperature. All valves have a dropped forged body with screwed bonnet and integral seat. These valves have a unique floating shank tail piece for up to ¼” variation in vessel connection centre distance. The Quality Q140 series Gauge Cock design allows features such as stainless stem and ball checks. This valve series allows for a high degree of customization to meet every customers detailed demands.

Pressure rating 2500 lbs. @ 100F, 1400lbs @ 750F

Common features for Series Q146 and Q147

The valves are equipped with a stainless tell ball check to shut off flow automatically in case of glass breakage. The bonnet is part of the valve body in the form of a thread. A union vessel connection which makes it easy to install valves on to the vessel and allows ¼” inch variation in vessel centres. Union connection could be ½” or ¾” NPT spherical ½”, or flanged. These valves have offset pattern bodies which mean that gauge connection and drain are off centre by 7/8” for the centre line of the vessel connection. Due to offset pattern the gauge could be cleaning by removing the drain plug on valve without disassembling the gauge. The material is dropped forged steel bodies that conform to ASTM requirements, the hand wheel is malleable iron.

Extra Features for Quality Gauge Cock Model Q147

  • Q147 valves have union gauge connection which could be ½” or ¾” Female connections.

Standard connections for Q147 AND Q146 series

  • Vessel ¾” NPT male
  • Drain ½” NPT Female
  • Gauge ½” NPT Female

Optional connections


  • ½” male or female
  • ¾” Male of Female
  • Socket Weld, Flanged or Solid Shank


  • ¾” Female for Q146
  • ½” or ¾” male or female on union for Q147

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Series Q140 Model


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