Quality Machining & Metalworkswork on many types of projects, from easy concepts to complex ideas. We have two divisions that allow us to focus on any type of product our Design Engineering Division and our Fabrication Division.

Design Engineering Division.

Whether creating parts from scratch, drawings, or duplicating designs our Quality Engineering Division is equipped with the knowledge and technology to handle every aspect of the job. Here our engineers can develop the most complex parts, along with the basic ideas of every customer, and by using state of the arc programing and design models every aspect of the design is considered. This dedicated team is ready to solve all your design problems and increase the manufacturability of your design to find the best process, cost effective methods and quality for our customers.

Fabrication Division.

Our engineers are coupled with the some of the best technology available for all your fabrication needs. We have an extensive machine list that allows our company to produce large quantities at any given time. All our fabrication machines, from laser cutting, forming, welding, polishing and many more, are located in the same facility to maximize production flows and ensure the best quality of all our jobs. We also have excellent working relationships with other companys for painting, galvanizing, heat treating and many other services to fully complete the fabrication process.


Our facility is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Our full machine list is available below. We have a variety of clients that we serve in the metal fabrication industry, including store fixtures, automotive industry as well as custom manufacturing for various types of industries. We here at Qualtiy Machining & Metalworks are driven by ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction.

Through our vast array of projects we been able to guarantee our abilities to meet customer expectations, and have clients that we serviced for over 15 years. Our customer satisfaction and success rate is key goal at Quality Machining & Metalwork.  We work with all types of businesses and value each and every customer to get the job completed with the best determination of the company.

Quality Machining & MetalWorks is an ISO-9001-2008 certified company and is also ASME-compliant. We have adapted many philosophies including the Six-Sigma Techniques, 5-S principles and have created a Lean Manufacturing floor to ensure the highest level of quality and production rates.  We are consistently improving and exceeding our production standards while keeping in mind the safety our employees and the environment. We are open to any type of challenge in the steel fabrication industry and know our expertise will help your ideas come to life.

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