Seven Step Remanufacturing Process

  1. Receipt and Verification — Catalog numbers, series, and revision levels are verified and a bar code is applied for easy tracking of repair history and order status
  2. Revisions and Enhancement — Your module is cleaned, inspected, and updated to the latest applicable hardware and copyrighted firmware revisions. This helps extend equipment life and ensure integration with newer products.
  3. Component Verification/Replacement — Rockwell Automation Remanufacturing Services utilize a proactive and predictive maintenance approach. Suspect components are tested, verified and replaced with Rockwell Automation specified quality components if needed. Damaged components will be replaced by parts that have been pre-screened, burned-in, and specifically selected for Rockwell Automation.
  4. Dynamic Functional Testing — Specially-trained technicians evaluate operational status using dedicated test equipment including parametric testing.
  5. Environmental Testing — Dynamic environmental testing identifies intermittent problems not readily apparent, helping prevent premature failures in the future.
  6. Final Quality Control Inspection — All equipment is cosmetically cleaned and visually inspected by Quality Control Inspectors for complete compliance to Rockwell Automation standards.
  7. Secured Shipping — Modules are placed in custom-engineered anti-static bags or containers to help protect them against static discharge during shipment.

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